Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Anonymous Review by Email

This was a fantastic trip.  Captain Marcus and crew, Sandy and Moose, were very friendly and helpful.  They also demonstrated high levels of professionalism and communication in handling the boat.  It was apparent that our safety was their first concern. They did all of this without impacting the enjoyment of the trip in any way.  I barely noticed Sandy giving quick and competent first aid to one of us who suffered a minor scrape ashore.  Everyone had a great time.  Even the notably more sedate and mellow travellers were having a real good party as we got going.

Flow of the stops and choice of locations was near perfect.  The snorkeling was great.  I have been on several other tours that did not have near the quality of reef views so close to the surface – it was great even for a near-sighted, near-novice snorkeler. The choice of restaurant was very good as the choices were great and the food good.  I had always wanted to see the baths. The alternate stop due to the weather  was impressive.  I very much enjoyed the bubbling springs and its interactive display of the wave action.

I would recommend this trip to anyone-- it was definitely a highlight of this vacation for us!

~ “Wisconsin”

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