Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blue Tangs in the National Park (St. John)

Here's a message from a friendly Blue Tang at Honeymoon Beach in the National Park - St. John:

Helloooooooo!  I'm a Blue Tang living in St John at Honeymoon Beach (you may know our famous Dory who was in a family movie) and I would love to tell you about my wonderful life here in the Virgin Islands.

Blue Tangs are very vibrant and colorful fish, starting with yellows, then light blues, and even deep purple although we are called BlueTangs. We are also called Surgeon or Dr. Fish by the Locals here, either way we are sure to catch your eye while snorkeling through here! We are not very shy!

We like hanging out in large crowds over the reefs and we are more plentiful than any other fish species, accounting for an observed 15.4% of the region's overall fish population here in the U.S. Virgin Islands (according to studies done over a 10-year period in waters adjacent to the Virgin Islands) and we love to eat algae over the reefs.

We can alter the hues of our scales, and that's fun, but our flesh is poisonous and combined with our sharp spines which we can stand straight up if we feel threatend, so we are not a fish to scoff at! So like anything you see in the wild its probably best NOT TO TOUCH since you may not know what will happen if you get on our bad side, or the extent of damage you may cause by simple curiosity.

Not to frighten you, we just like to swarm around new and curious things and are friendly.  I'd even go as far to say we are the hams in our neck of the woods and greet every boat that pops by so we hope to see you folks out on this tour (Full Day Sail) with New Horizons and Breakaway Charters on St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Now don't forget to make reservations! I hear that's how it works over there, so call New Horizons and Breakaway Charters @ 340-775-1171.

See ya!

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