Thursday, September 8, 2011

Coral Reef

Hi, I'm a Coral Reef in the Virgin Islands and although I may look like a rock thats underwater there is much more to me than what meets the eye! Come with me on a journey to see what secrets I hide!

Coral reefs are made of tiny polyps who look like tiny sea anemones that are linked together in groups to form the coral and live in water up to a range of 6m deep and grow less than 3cm per year! 

I am quite fragile despite me looking like a rock!  Just touching or standing on me could kill part of me that took so long to grow, so please keep a healthy distance from me!

We are quite amazing if I may say so! We can protect and feed a varitey of sea creatures and fish, protect coastal dwellings and coastline by forming a natural barrier from severe weather, and over 500 million people depend upon us for their food and livelihood.

We also are used in the treatment of Cancer, HIV, Cardiovascular Diseases and even Ulcers. Some of our limestone skelentons have even been used in grafting human bones!

There is so much more to tell so come on down and see for yourself the underwater gardens and the power of Coral Reefs. Call New Horizons Charters at 340-775-1171 to reserve your front row seat to the beautiful Coral Reefs of the Virgin Islands!

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